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What is seller financing and is it relevant to you? 

Seller financing is when a seller finances a real estate transaction for the buyer by holding the "note", for the entire purchase of the property after consideration of the down payment.

The Note to the seller is the same as a mortgage lender in relation to them holding a Deed of Trust for the money owed for the purchase. 

Along with other rights that are guaranteed, is the "Right To Foreclosure" upon Buyer default of mortgage payments.

Seller financing rates for interest are a negotiated item.

Down payments are a negotiated item.

Take the time to really evaluate your endeavor as you are set to the same legal guidelines as mortgage companies when it comes to the foreclosure process which could take 1 year or two. 

Sometimes becoming the lender is profitable, sometimes it's not!

Hire an experienced RE/MAX Realtor to represent your best interest.

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