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Selling Your Home - Negotiations ans Contingencies.

Is there a secret to a good negotiation strategy?
There are several cardinal rules to negotiating effectively. One is do your homework, and learn as much about the seller or the buyer as you can. 

Don't let yourself get rushed into any decision, no matter how tempting it may be. Your best option relating to your best outcome is to hire a professional!

Your RE/MAX New Beginnings Realtor has the experience and related education to facilitate the sale of your property allowing for the best possible outcome.

Don't be fooled when it comes to the sale of your asset. The other side of your transaction is representing their own best interest and a buyer with their own agent, won't be willing to help you. You need seller representation!

Have you seen the " We Buy Houses" advertising?

Who do they really work for? 

They Are Not Realtors or affiliated with any real estate brokerage. 

They are seeking to place your property under contract but they never take possession as they are not the buyers. What they do is secure your contract at a below market price and then they advertise your home to others, seeking to turn the property at a profit.

Beware of what you are signing, don't get scammed.

Most sellers are able to list with a reputable Real Estate Brokerage, pay a brokerage compensation and still net more money on the sale of their property. Yes, this is a Fact !

Traditional contract , negotiations and contingencies.

Most property offers include three standard contingencies: 

A financing contingency, which makes the sale dependent on the buyers' ability to obtain a loan commitment from a lender.

An inspection contingency, which allows buyers to have professionals inspect the property to their satisfaction. 

An appraisal contingency, which assures the buyers of fair market value.

With so much as stake, give us a call today for your confidential assessment and market analysis. 

Know your options to avoid costly errors!

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