What Buyers Need to Know!

First, Decide where you want to live by researching the local area and neighborhoods you like.

* Select a local RE/MAX New Beginnings Realtor who has the experience to serve and represent your best interests.

* You'll need to Pre-qualify for a home loan, we can help you through this process.

* We'll show you properties within your budget.

* Together we will Compare and Evaluate prospective homes and when you find your perfect place, we'll represent you exclusively and negotiate a purchase contract that you can be happy with.

* You will need some money for a good faith escrow deposit as well as any home inspections, appraisal and closing costs. We will guide you through the entire process!

* There will be Lenders, Title Attorneys, Title Insurance and Home Owner insurance needed to complete your purchase.

* It all may seem scary but... We will help you, It's what we do!

* If you are a First Time Buyer, check out our Renting vs Buying section below, when you come to grips with the money you lose as a renter, you'll find the buying process a breeze!

* Upon closing on your new home, remember to set up utilities such as Gas and Electric, Cable, etc. Make sure to fill out a change of address postal card.

                                                  RENTING vs BUYING

This chart shows a cost comparison for a renter versus a home buyer over a five year period. 

The renter starts out paying $1,600. per month with an annual increase of 5%.

The home buyer purchases a home for $250,000 with 3.5% down and an FHA financing rate of 3.75%

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